Tuesday, October 25, 2011


These are photos from the Newaygo County Pagan Awareness Day. The willing photography subjects are members of MERCS who were there to perform and run a boffer list. The common thread throughout this blog will be photos of people and things that I find interesting posing with my blue parasol. Jason (my husband) told me that the photos could be a coffee table book. I'm starting with a blog simply because it's a bit easier for me to organize. 

These photos were all done and are the property of JD Rhodes Photography. Please do not use them without permission. It's not nice to steal! 

 A beautiful elven queen Photobucket

 The Green Lady and Queen playing around in trees Photobucket

 More playing in trees Photobucket

 Gorgeous Green Lady Photobucket

 Gargoyle playing Peek A Boo Photobucket

 Gargoyle believes he is "Very good looking, yes?"